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Designing Tomorrow's
Organisational Cultures

13 - 15 October 2022

video by Zé Pedro Abreu

Boost your leadership.
Become a culture designer.

A journey of reflection and projection with hands-on exercises for leaders, decision-makers, and transformation agents. Inspiring and enabling the (re)design of companies' cultures from the perspective of what ultimately will be the future of work.

By the end of this course, you will be inspired and empowered with a set of skills, tools, and frameworks that will allow you to leverage the main asset in yours (as in any) organisation: human capital.

Join us, and start consciously encouraging positive transformation in your organisation.

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A New Approach
to the Employee Journey

Stretch and get ready. In this intensive course, you will experience a complete journey through key moments that highlight, test, and validate an organisational culture.

From possible internal and external post-pandemic scenarios that can directly affect the course of a company, you will be challenged to explore perspectives and make strategic decisions about the present and future of an organisation, by bringing people to the center of the process.

Sparking a
real impact

Designing or transforming an organisational culture isn't a one-shot deal but a collective and permanent process that each individual constantly stimulates within a company. Once sown, a healthy culture can impact way beyond the workplace boundaries, bringing together business relevance & profitability with people's well-being & social thriving.




Creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment is not just a necessary ethical statement. Diversity connects deeply to innovation and business results. Still, as teams become more diverse, organisations must be ready and able to discuss sensitive agendas and break down the taboo barriers. Let us create the space and the conditions to make us all capable and confident enough to take on empathic - albeit difficult - conversations.



A company culture is essential to determine how people learn, develop and grow personally and professionally. Your role is to ensure continuous and healthy development for your team and guarantee the necessary conditions for a positive and empowered autonomy. To make this happen, regardless of the organisational structure, it is crucial to understand the correlation between investing in people and its holistic impact on the business.



In times like these, when people have experienced remote work as an everyday reality, returning to the office and commuting seems less desirable. Incentives that allow for more balanced lives or versatile working models are increasingly expected and appreciated. Together we will explore the effects and opportunities that a more flexible work environment holds for people.



If we spend most of our lives working, shouldn't we all feel free to bring our whole selves to work? Our repertoire, emotions, questions, and intuitions? Together, we will discuss some of the human characteristics of future-oriented companies, where people increasingly demand psychologically safe working environments. We will consider the type of rituals and processes that companies have been integrating into their routines and analyse the benefits and struggles of companies that have chosen to embrace radically authentic and transparent cultures.

Back to immersive experiences

Organisational culture is constantly evolving and adapting, and the past two years have been a learning rollercoaster for everyone. After two online editions, we are back to an in-person, truly immersive experience where we will create a group feeling and sharing environment using With Company's headquarters in Lisbon as a fertile ground for meaningful discussions.

  • Up to 20 participants;
  • 3 intensive days:
    — 13 - 15 October 2022;
  • Coffee-breaks and lunch as an integrated experience
  • 4 international invited speakers;
  • People from different companies and backgrounds;
  • Talks, group exercises, discussions, rituals, materials and contents.

The Experience

  • Experiment the importance of psychologically safe spaces to make decisions while exposing vulnerabilities;
  • Co-create an environment of confident creativity with an international group of people, where you will inspire and be inspired simultaneously;
  • Generate common ground on what is organisational culture and understand how diversity, empowerment, flexibility and trust have a role in its evolution;
  • Reflect on work conditions, rituals and processes that foster people’s productivity, well-being and fulfilment.

The Learnings

  • Navigate through different platforms and formats and get to know case studies, future trends, tools and frameworks;
  • Understand and overcome the challenges of people-centered management for different organisational structures and leadership models;
  • Transpose all the acquired knowledge, dynamics and tools to your particular reality;
  • Start acting as a culture designer, with the definition and commitment to your first steps and actions.
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Speakers & Facilitators

Our favorite way to increase critical thinking and expand our perspectives on challenging subjects is to be surrounded by as many interesting people as possible.

People with valuable experiences who bring provocative questions and make us explore paths we hadn't considered.

The exact kind of people who will soon be with us, side by side, with a mission: pushing you entirely out of your comfort zone.

Photo of Juliana Oliveira

Juliana Oliveira

Programme Manager
at ThoughtWorks University Brasil
Talk on Diversity

Juliana holds an undergraduate degree in Advertising and a graduate degree in Team Management and Leadership, both from PUCRS.

Juliana worked for more than 10 years in advertising agencies until she decided to leave her comfort zone and dive into the world of technology and agile methodologies.

At ThoughtWorks Brazil, she served as a Recruitment Leader and is currently the Manager of ThoughtWorks University Brazil - a program aimed at training software consultants in their first professional experience in technology. In addition, she co-leads initiatives with a focus on racial diversity such as Enegrecer a Tecnologia.

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Photo of Mariana Gutheil

Mariana Gutheil

at NoOne
Talk on Empowerment

Mariana Gutheil is the Co-founder of NoOne, a human-centered innovation and design consultancy in Brazil. She is extremely curious and sees a connection in the most disparate things. After working in communication innovation for over a decade, Mariana changed her path and specialized in Design Thinking at D-School in Berlin. That triggered a deep interest in understanding the power and amplitude of user experience design, and also ontological design: everything that we design is designing us back.

In her current work as an innovation consultant, she helps organizations to reinvent themselves, their products and services and has done it successfully with companies such as Coca-Cola, Natura, Sicredi, Renner, Nike, Tactile, Globo. She has come to understand Culture Design as the B side of innovation processes which starts with us humans first.

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Photo of João Sevilhano

João Sevilhano

Partner, Strategy & Innovation
at Way Beyond
Talk on Trust

João discovered his passion and curiosity for words, early on in his life, having dedicated some time of his childhood reading the Luso-Brazilian Encyclopedia. He was a semi-professional volleyball athlete for 15 years.

He graduated in Applied Psychology and, since then, develops his private practice as a licensed psychologist. He always kept close to psychoanalysis, having been a candidate of the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society.

He lived and learned in the people department at SONAE for a year and a half. Afterward, he moved to focus on creating learning experiences at Escola Europeia de Coaching as Pedagogical Director and, later, Managing Partner.

He’s an experienced facilitator and coach, leading him to work deep in the corporate world but also in the academic sector, having been invited to participate both in national and international projects with Ph.D. candidates and supervisors, and university teachers.

Nowadays he's a partner and the Co-CEO of Way Beyond, a learning experience design studio, with strategy and innovation as his areas of responsibility.

An avid reader and amateur essay and chronicle writer, he sees conversation as the basis and the result of all our work as human beings.

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Photo of Ryan Chartrand

Ryan Chartrand

at X-Team
Talk on Flexibility

Ryan Chartrand is the CEO of X-Team, providing high performing, on-demand teams of developers to the world’s leading brands.

Ryan brings more than a decade of experience working with remote development teams, building products for major media, hospitality and entertainment companies. Today he leads X-Team's strategic roadmap, vision and culture.

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Photo of Rita Pureza

Rui Quinta

Managing Partner
at With Company

Hi, I’m Rui and for my own enjoyment I’ve Co-founded the fish shop Peixaria Centenária, the space experience design studio, Toyno and With Company, a transformative by design company based in Lisbon where I try to help others design better services, products, brands, businesses and futures.

I’m lecturing Design Management and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Strategic Design and Innovation at ISEG and PBS, in Portugal and I’ve been coaching teams on DT with the HPI Academy from Berlin.

Breathing in my free time.

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Photo of Rita Pureza

Rita Pureza

Culture Designer
at With Company

After finishing my Psychology degree and a PhD in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, I thought it was time to get out of the lab and into the world.

Joined Thinking Big, a training company on Positive Psychology, as a researcher in 2013. In 2015 started as a HR manager in Inditex Portugal, where I had the opportunity to manage more than 20 teams from all over the country for almost 4 years.

Currently, I’m excited to be part of With Company, working on culture transformation programs and projects. Because I truly believe that everyone should be able to work in a positive and constructive environment that empowers you and makes you flourish.

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We are transformative
by design.

A company committed to improving individuals, organisations and ecosystems, in order to (re)question societal needs and drive us to better futures. It's in our name: we do it through scaled collaboration and inspiration. The unknown is our playground, and we grow better when we play together.

Because what we care for, is everyone’s business.

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