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Designing Tomorrow's Organisational Cultures

An immersive 3-day experience that takes organisation leaders on a journey of reflection, projection and hands-on exercises; enabling
and inspiring
the (re)design of company culture.

Sparking a
real impact

Designing an organisational culture isn't a one-shot deal, but a collective and permanent process that is constantly stimulated by each individual within a company. Once sown, a healthy culture can have impact way beyond the boundaries of the workplace, marrying business relevance & profitability with people's well-being & social thriving.

Join us, and learn how - through a collection of skills and tools - you can consciously spark a positive eruption inside your organisation.

Representation of the Individual, Group, Organisation and Society impact model. Representation of the Individual, Group, Organisation and Society impact model.

Themes we
will explore

  • Diversity
  • Power & Autonomy
  • Flexibility
  • Trust & Transparency


Creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment is not just a necessary ethical statement. Diversity is highly connected to both innovation and business results, but as teams become more diverse, organisations must be ready — and able — to discuss sensitive agendas and break down barriers.

As a leader, do you consider yourself capable and confident enough to take on empathic — albeit difficult — conversations and defend your position to the world?

Power & Autonomy

What models of organisational structures best encourage accountability in decision-making, goal setting, and questioning the status quo? Is one better than the rest?

We will compare and discuss the pros and cons of centralised and decentralised, vertical and horizontal power structures, and their respective management challenges. Moreover, we will focus on the importance of compensation and recognition, growth opportunities and error tolerance as cultural differentiators that influence talent acquisition, development and retention.


In times when people aspire to live more balanced lives, versatile working models - such as remote working and flexible hours - are increasingly expected. But how can these models be implemented without compromising culture or results?

Together we will explore the effects and opportunities that more flexible work environments provide for employee development and how it can foster both culture and team connections.

Trust & Transparency

If we spend the majority of our lives at work, shouldn't we all feel free to bring our full personality into the workplace — our repertoire, emotions, questions and intuitions?

Together we will discuss some of the human characteristics of tomorrow's companies, where people feel psychologically safe to make decisions while exposing vulnerabilities. Following this, we will consider the benefits — and struggles — of companies that have chosen to embrace radically true and transparent cultures.

With Company

We are transformative
by design.

A company committed to improving individuals, organisations and ecosystems, in order to (re)question societal needs and drive us to better futures. It's in our name: we do it through scaled collaboration and mutual inspiration. The unknown is our playground, and we grow better when we play together.

Because what we care for, is everyone’s business.

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Speakers & Facilitators

Our favorite way to increment our critical thinking and expand our perspectives on challenging subjects is to be surrounded by as many interesting people as possible.
People with valuable experiences, that bring provocative questions and make us explore paths we had never thought of before.

Exactly the kind of people who will soon be with us, side by side, on a single mission: pushing you completely out of your comfort zone.

Photo of Rita Pureza

Rita Pureza

Psychologist at With Company

After finishing my Psychology degree and a PhD in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, I thought it was time to get out of the lab and into the world.

Joined Thinking Big, a training company on Positive Psychology, as a researcher in 2013. In 2015 started as a HR manager in Inditex Portugal, where I had the opportunity to manage more than 20 teams from all over the country for almost 4 years.

Currently, I’m excited to be part of With Company, working on culture transformation programs and projects. Because I truly believe that everyone should be able to work in a positive and constructive environment that empowers you and makes you flourish.

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Photo of Mariana Gutheil

Mariana Gutheil

Co-founder at NoOne

Mariana Gutheil is the Co-founder of NoOne, a human-centered innovation and design consultancy in Brazil. She is extremely curious and sees a connection in the most disparate things. After working in communication innovation for over a decade, Mariana changed her path and specialized in Design Thinking at D-School in Berlin. That triggered a deep interest in understanding the power and amplitude of user experience design, and also ontological design: everything that we design is designing us back. In her current work as an innovation consultant, she helps organizations to reinvent themselves, their products and services and has done it successfully with companies such as Coca-Cola, Natura, Sicredi, Renner, Nike, Tactile, Globo. She has come to understand Culture Design as the B side of innovation processes which starts with us humans first.

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Photo of Rui Quinta

Rui Quinta


Hi, I’m Rui and for my own enjoyment I’ve Co-founded the fish shop Peixaria Centenária, the space experience design studio, Toyno and With Company, a transformative by design company based in Lisbon where I try to help others design better services, products, brands, businesses and futures.

I’m lecturing Design Management and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Strategic Design and Innovation at ISEG and PBS, in Portugal and I’ve been coaching teams on DT with the HPI Academy from Berlin.

Breathing in my free time.

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Photo of Eva Maria Zoll

Eva-Maria Zoll

Founder at

Eva Maria is the founder of and on a mission to make human-centered company culture a standard for all organizations.

She graduated from one of the most innovative Business programs in Germany, the Alanus University, is trained in Design Thinking at the HPI in Berlin and a BDVT certified Business Trainer. She has studied and/or worked on four continents in the past 10 years and was immersed in the Berlin tech scene where she co-build a tech company and wrote the culture DNA from scratch.

Her diverse and unique work experiences paired with a deep fascination for humans and their relationships are now fueling the development of

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Photo of Mariana Cardoso

Mariana Cardoso

Designer at Toyno

Mariana has a degree in Product Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Lisbon) and she has studied History of Art at Faculdade de Letras (University of Lisbon). She joined Toyno Studio in 2012 as a product designer to develop Toyno’s product line and later on she became a product manager. She is a specialist in cultural experience design, having developed more than ten exhibitions and learning spaces for museums and science centres. Currently she is the Creative Director of Toyno and she focuses on projects that improve the work space experience in companies and research centers.

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Photo of Henrique Neves

Henrique Neves

Creative Strategist at With Company

Creative strategist, born in Rio and living in Lisbon since 2012. Graduated in Advertising & Marketing (ESPM Brazil) and since the beginning I've been traveling on both sides of the brain. It all started in a small independent agency as a front-end developer, going through digital marketing, digital design, art direction, copywriting and communication strategy in full-service agencies in Brazil & Portugal; having occupied key positions in projects of local and international scopes and impact.

After 13 years working with brands such as FOX, Dove, Universal Music International, General Motors, Citroën, Cornetto, Delta Q,, Moche and SporTV, I'm convinced that the most sustainable way of connecting people and organizations is through their most elemental truths. Therefore, rather than making up narratives, today I pursue to identify and make them known through consistent concepts and relevant messages.

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An immersive journey

Stretch and get ready. In this 3-day sprint, you will experience a full journey through key moments that highlight, test, and validate an organisational culture.

From possible internal and external scenarios that could directly affect the course of a company as a whole, you will be challenged to explore perspectives and make strategic decisions about the present and future of organisation.


Start off on the right foot

Designing a remarkable people-centered talent acquisition and integration experience is crucial in setting the tone and expectations of future employee-organisation relationships. Are you ready to take this first step?

From case studies and simulations, we will provoke your critical thinking about the role of company culture in the recruitment and onboarding moments.

  • Main Outcomes

  • Understand the potential of diverse teams to enhance collective growth and business innovation;
  • Explore and prototype mechanisms for attracting and integrating new talent with existing teams.


Leading the way

Company culture is essential in determining how people learn, develop and grow both professionally and personally. As a leader, your role is to ensure continuous and healthy development for your team. To make this possible, regardless of organisational typology, it is important to understand the correlation between investing in people and their impact on the business as a whole.

  • Main Outcomes

  • Get to know different power structures and how business' competitiveness is directly related to different decision-making processes;
  • Understand and prototype decision making mechanisms and processes for different organisational structures.


Culture alignment beyond the walls

The annual employee survey is no longer enough. To support today's employees' challenges and expectations, it is imperative to open ongoing dialogues and get insights regularly through pulse surveys and always-on feedback.

At this moment, we will encourage you to think about how workspaces play a relevant role in retention rates and can act as a cultural tool for enhancing work well-being.

  • Main Outcomes

  • Reflect on conditions that can foster people’s productivity, well-being and retention;
  • Understand and prototype workspaces that reflect and reinforce certain human behaviors, working dynamics and organisational structures.


From endings to new beginnings

Your company’s attitude when an employee decides to look for external opportunities is important for those who leave, but crucial for the ones who stay.

Creating a transparent feedback-based culture implies a constant exercise of empathy and a commitment to your employees’ well-being every step of the way.

Culture Design is a never-ending story, a permanent challenge involving a continuous change of characters and scenarios.

  • Main Outcomes

  • Understand how offboarding is as relevant to organisational culture as day one;
  • Reflect on the importance of designing a feedback-based culture;
  • Prototype ways of creating safe spaces for sharing and embracing vulnerability.

For leaders, decision makers and transformation agents willing to positively impact their companies by designing
a relevant organisational culture.
Whatever the scenario.

Picture of With Company's office space.

Ready to design a future-oriented organisational culture?